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Te Tiriti

O Waitangi Principles

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Applying the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi is necessary to placing equity at the centre of the health system 

Hauora: Report on Stage One of the Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry - WAI 2575 Waitangi Tribunal Report (Waitangi Tribunal, 2019)

The following principles, adapted from the WAI 2575 report, should be used to guide the health system recovery:

  • The guarantee of tino rangatiratanga which provides for Māori self-determination and mana motuhake in the design, delivery and monitoring of healthcare services.

  • The principle of equity, which require the Crown to commit to achieving health outcomes for Māori. In keeping with the overriding guarantee of mana motuhake, this means that these outcomes should be determined by Māori and ensure whānau thrive and live to their full health potential. 

  • The principle of active protection, which requires the Crown to act, to the fullest extent practicable, to achieve equitable health outcomes for Māori. This includes ensuring that its agents, and its Treaty partners are well-informed on the extent and nature, of both Māori health outcomes and efforts to achieve Māori health equity. 

  • The principle of options, which requires the Crown to provide for and provide resource for kaupapa Māori health services. Furthermore, the Crown is obligated to ensure that all healthcare services are provided in culturally appropriate ways that recognise and support the expression of hauora Māori models of care. 

  • The principle of partnership, which requires the Crown and Māori to work in partnership in the governance, design, delivery and monitoring of health services. Māori must be equitable co-designers, with the Crown, of health care services for Māori. 

(Chin et al, Health Policy, 2018)

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