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Aotearoa is at Alert Level 1 - Prepare

The Government’s website www.covid19.govt.nz provides some additional helpful information about self-isolation.

We’ve developed specific information on self-isolation if you or your whānau get sick with COVID-19, or you are waiting for test results.
Updated: Wednesday 12 August, 2020
If you or your whānau are sick with COVID-19 or waiting for test results you can keep living with your whānau or flat mates.
You should:

  • not spend more than 15 minutes with others in the whare or flat

  • practice physical distancing - a two arms- length distance between you and others

  • not to spend a lot of time in shared spaces like the kitchen or the sitting room.

You should:
  • have your own bedroom, your own linen – sheets, blankets, pillow

  • clean the toilet and washbasin immediately after you use it or if possible, have your own toilet/bathroom

  • be the last in your whare to shower or bath if your sharing the bathroom and then clean all the surfaces

  • have your own toiletries – soap, towels, toothbrush

  • Wash your clothes separately from everyone else in your whare

  • have your own eating implements plates, cups, drink bottles, knives and forks and keep them separate.