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Analysis of Health Sector Equity Tools

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There is an existing suite of equity tools that clearly articulate and define the ways in which equity can be placed at the heart of the health system. 

The challenge is the willingness of the health sector to implement and apply the equity tools for the benefit Māori and all New Zealanders. 

Equity resources

The following frameworks, guidelines and statements have informed the principles that underpin our recommendations and specific actions:

Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā Position Statement 

He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework (Healthier Lives NSC, 2016)

Governance for Health Equity (World Health Organisation, 2013)

He Ara Hauora Māori: A Pathway to Māori Health Equity (Medical Council of NZ, 2019)


Equity Tools 

Reducing Inequalities in Health Framework 

Health Equity Assessment Tool - A Users Guide

Whānau Ora Health Impact Assessment

Equity of Healthcare for Māori: Framework

Central Region DHB's Equity Framework

Analysis of Equity Tools 

In preparation for the restart of the health system and recovery from COVID-19. Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā has carried out a quick review and analysis of the existing equity tools currently available to the health sector. Our analysis provides information about each tool's development, origins, what the tool is, how long it has been in the system, examples of where the tools have been implemented and a view of their usefulness.

As we plan for a restart of the health services and a desire to reset the system so that it achieves equity for Māori, being aware of these tools and using/adapting them might be helpful. 

All tools to some degree use an intervention logic: problem definition, engagement with stakeholders, intervention planning, monitoring and evaluation.


Additionally they are likely to be more useful in specific contexts. 

For example:

The Equity of Health Care for Māori, the Central Region DHBs Equity Framework and the Health Equity Assessment Tool and its’ users guide are health services focused.


The Whānau Ora Health Impact Assessment can be used at both a policy and project level with its strength being on the health impacts resulting from other sector activities.  


The Reducing Health Inequalities Framework is a useful background document which identifies that actions needs to be in four areas: system, intermediary environments, health services and impact of ill health and disability it is best used with another tool that is more intervention focused.

Our quick review and analysis is available here

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