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Information for hapū māmā, unborn pēpi and
newborn pēpi. Being hapū, even if not the first time, will be challenging during COVID-19.

Maternity care is an essential service.
Midwives and hospitals will still have appointments when needed. Some appointments might be by phone or video. 


You should:​

  • Keep in touch with your midwife.

  • Keep taking any medication you are on during your pregnancy. Your pregnancy team will tell you if any medication needs to change.

  • Make sure you have enough medication for 1 month. Call your GP or midwife if you need another script. They will write a 3-month prescription for you, but pharmacies can now only dispense medicines for one month at a time (one month of medicine and two repeats left for collection).

Ultrasound scanning is an essential service and will still be available if needed.


Blood tests are still available (if essential).

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