Contact details for Funeral Homes across the motu 

Recommendations for tangihanga guidelines - Alert Level 3

Last updated: Thursday 23rd April, 2020

Funeral Directors will be able to discuss all your tikanga needs

We are at Alert Level 3 – Restrict

The following is a list of Māori funeral homes provided by the Ministry of Health. This is not a complete list and it does not represent all Māori Funeral Directors.


For further funeral home options, you can go to https://www.fdanz.org.nz




Mortuary Services Limited

Email: nzmortuaryservices@gmail.com

Phone: 0274 525 133


Tipene Funerals Services

Email: info@tipenefunerals.co.nz

Phone: 0800 266662


Haven Falls Funeral Services

Email: office@havenfalls.co.nz

Phone: Auckland:0800 428 363


Ngā Hau e Whā Tangihanga

Email: info@tangihanga.co.nz

Phone: 09 527 1866


South Auckland Funeral Services

Email: info@safs.co.nz

Phone: 09 2769000



Mountain View Funeral Services

Email: info@mvfs.co.nz

Phone: 07 350 1461


White Haven Funerals

Email: whitehaven@whfm.co.nz

Phone: 07 347979




Ormsby Family Funerals

Email: funerals@ormsby.net.nz

Phone: 0800 737953




Sincere Funeral Services

Email: admin@sincere.co.nz

Phone: 07 8471465


Simplicity Bereavement Services

Email: info@simplicityhamilton.co.nz

Phone: 07 8476851



Whānau Funeral Services

Email: whanaufunerals@gmail.com

Phone: 0800 942386


Hawkes Bay


Simplicity Bereavement Services

Email: simplicityhb@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 06 8783391




Tranquillity Funeral Services

Email: tranquil.fs@xtra.co.nz




Haven Falls Funeral Services

Email: office@havenfalls.co.nz

Phone: Northland:0800 428 364




Haven Falls Funeral Services

Email: office@havenfalls.co.nz

Phone:0800 428 365