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People living with Cardiovascular disease
(CVD) can get very sick with COVID-19.

CVD is a term that includes a number of conditions, including high blood pressure, angina/coronary disease, heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. 

While Alert Level 3 restrictions are in place, it’s important that we all follow the basic advice for general hygiene.

Managing your heart condition during Alert Level 3
Don’t stop your medications without first discussing this with your doctor or heart nurse first.



This includes your heart medicines or blood pressure medicines.  

You should:


  • Make sure you have enough medication for atleast the next two weeks.

Call your doctor for a script if you don’t have enough. They will write a prescription for a 3-month supply but pharmacies can now only dispense medication for one month at a time.


  • If you have heart failure, you should continue with medications and drinking fluids as advised by your doctor or health nurse.  

  • You may be asked to weigh yourself every day. If your weight rises by more than 1 – 2kg a day, your ankles become swollen or you become more breathless, you should call your doctor or heart nurse immediately. 

  • You should continue all your blood pressure medicines unless your doctor tells you otherwise.


There has been some worry that certain blood pressure medicines (in theory) might be harmful if someone becomes sick with COVID-19.


There has been no evidence to indicate that these medicines are harmful, and more importantly, they are often used to treat serious CVD conditions.

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