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Living with Diabetes and COVID-19
People with diabetes can get very sick with COVID-19. While Alert Level 3 restrictions are in place, it’s important that we all follow the basic advice for general hygiene.
Managing your diabetes is important during Alert-Level 2.
Don't stop your medication without first discussing this with your doctor or diabetes nurse. 

This includes your insulin, diabetes medicine or blood pressure and kidney medicines.

You should:


  • Make sure you have enough medication and glucose strips for atleast two weeks.

Call your doctor or diabetes nurse for a script if you don’t have enough. They will write a prescription for a 3-month supply but pharmacies can now only dispense medication for one month at a time.


  • If you are on an insulin pump, make sure you have enough supplies for one month, and another insulin available incase your pump doesn’t work (eg. Protaphane, Lantus).

  • Have kai for low blood glucose levels available

  • Follow the advice from your doctor or diabetes nurse from your most recent clinic on how often to monitor your sugar levels.

If you get sick, you should call your GP. Some of your medicines might need to be changed while you are unwell.


It is important that if you are sick you monitor your sugar levels more often.


Your sugar levels can rise when you are sick, but if you aren’t able to eat and still take some diabetes medicines, you will be at risk of your sugar levels dropping too low.

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