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Information for hapū māmā, unborn pēpi and
newborn pēpi. Being hapū, even if not the first time, will be challenging during COVID-19.

Have a kōrero now with your midwife about the tikanga that is important to you and your whānau. Birthing at hospital is safe.​

If you go into labour during Alert Level 4 and chose to deliver at the hospital, you can have one Kai Manaaki (birthing partner) with you at the hospital or birthing centre.

If there is a concern that you might have COVID-19 when you go into labour, things may need to be slightly different. Be prepared for a different approach if you do go into labour and have COVID-19.

If you wish to take the whenua (placenta) home with you, we recommend that you do this quickly.

It should be placed into a container and taken to its destination as quickly as possible.

Only one person should handle the container.

If you wish to take the whenua to a location that is not close to where you currently live, you will need to wait until Aotearoa is in a lower Alert Level.

If you feel comfortable to do so, you can store the container holding your baby's whenua in the freezer. Please ensure that the container is clearly marked. 

Ūkaipō (Breastfeeding)
Breastfeeding is the best option, in all but the most unwell māmā.
If there is a chance you might have COVID-19 (from testing or symptoms) you should wear a mask when breastfeeding your pēpi.
If you have trouble with breastfeeding and need help, your midwife can support you.
Wāhi moe (Sleeping)
All pēpi need safe sleep spaces, either their own bed, cot, wahakura or pēpī -pod.
Pēpī can still sleep in the same room as whānau members (in the same bubble) as long as whānau don’t have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19.
Regularly clean the pēpī -pod with hot soap and water.
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