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Living with Diabetes and COVID-19
People with diabetes can get very sick with COVID-19. While Alert Level 3 restrictions are in place, it’s important that we all follow the basic advice for general hygiene.
All healthcare during all alert levels of COVID-19 is an essential service.
How healthcare is delivered during  Alert-Level 2 may continue to be a bit different. 

You health is important. If you are unwell, do not wait to be make contact with your doctor. 

To keep everyone safe, health services may continue to have limited face to face appointments.


  • Your hospital appointments may continue to be by phone or video. Other appointments may be postponed.

  • If you have an appointment coming soon, your local hospital should contact you about how it might have to change.

  • If you don’t have access to a telephone or internet, please let your kidney service know this so that other ways of contacting you can be arranged.

  • If you have diabetes-related concerns, call your GP clinic, diabetes nurse, diabetes clinic or the Healthline on 0800 611 116.

Blood tests can still happen but the laboratory services are likely to be more limited.


Check with your GP or diabetes nurse that the test is necessary and that you can maintain the 2m social distancing rule from other patients if you need a blood test.

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