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Information for hapū māmā, unborn pēpi and
newborn pēpi. Being hapū, even if not the first time, will be challenging in the COVID environment.

We still don’t fully understand the risks of the COVID-19 variants for hapū māmā, unborn pēpi and newborn pēpi. 
Most hapū māmā who catch COVID-19 will have mild symptoms. However, it's important that we do everything to keep hapū māmā safe during this time. 
​General advice for hapū māmā:​

If you are able to, you should avoid leaving your whare for any reason other than medical needs. Nominate someone in your whare to collect essential items such as kai and medicine. 

If you must leave your whare, you should: 

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, before leaving your whare

  • Wear a face mask

  • Avoid touching surfaces and then your face

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser while you are out and wash your hands again when you get home. 

When at home, you should also continue to clean regularly touched surfaces like benches, door handles and light switches. 

Advice on how to stay well is available here.

Information about diabetes in pregnancy is available here.


Information about labour, birthing and caring for your newborn pēpi is available here. ​​

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