Essential Workers


Some of our whānau will be working in areas where they will be in contact with international travellers, whether at the border,

or at quarantine facilities.


Here is some helpful information on how you can keep your whānau safe when you return home from mahi. 

With our borders opened to those who are returning home to Aotearoa, or visiting, there are many of our whānau who will come into contact with International travellers as part of their mahi. 
Whānau who work as airline crew, customers and immigration staff, cleaners at international airports or maritime ports, staff at quarantine facilities and cleaners at quarantine facilities. 
At mahi

Your mahi should already have in place the appropriate health and safety measures to protect you, your colleagues and others who you may be around.

Depending on what you do for mahi, you should have access to the appropriate protective clothing for your mahi at all times.​

Your mahi is required to keep a register of all who are working and visiting your workplace.

This is important and you should be ready to provide this information, as well as ensure anyone visiting your workplace also provides this information. 

If you are māuiui, you must not go to mahi. You should contact your doctor and return to mahi when you are fully recovered. 

At mahi, you should:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, before leaving your whare

  • While out, stay at least 2 metres away from others

  • Avoid touching surfaces and then your face

  • Avoid sharing things with others like your mobile phone or a pen

  • Don't share kai or drinks

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser while you are out, and wash your hands again when you get home. 

When you get home from mahi

As soon as you get home from mahi, and particularly if you live with whānau or flat mates, you should avoid everyone who lives in your whare until you have washed yourself and your clothes.


You should remove all your clothes and place them in a separate washing basket.

Have a shower or full body wash immediately


After getting dressed, you should:

  • Place your dirty work clothes in the washing machine on their own – do not wash them with anyone else’s clothes

  • Wash your hands immediately after putting your dirty clothes in the wash

  • Wipe down the surfaces in your bathroom or shower.       


Once you’ve had a shower or full-body wash and you’re dressed, you are free to kōrero and enjoy spending time with your whānau safely.