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Policy Review
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COVID-19 presented some significant issues for Aotearoa.

It also placed a spotlight on our health system, once again highlighting the inequity that exists

During the COVID-19 response, the equity of the health system was at the forefront of many discussions. 

Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā was established out of concern for the health of whānau, hapū and iwi during the pandemic, and the impact that the long- term inequities that exist within the health system would have on Māori during the pandemic.

Our rōpū, along with several other groups, led nationwide discussions to challenge and remind decision makers of their responsibility to Māori health, and to champion tino rangatiratanga and the right to practice our tikanga and cultural beliefs. 

As a quick case study, members of our rōpū have taken the opportunity to kōrero with Associate Professor Dr Elana Curtis and share their whakāro about the health policies implemented as part of the COVID-19 response, the ways in which the policies impacted on Māori, and also provide a look to the future. 


Kōrero with Professor Dr Papaarangi Reid 

Co-leader, Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā

Kōrero with Dr Rawiri Jansen

Co-leader, Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā

Kōrero with Dr Donna Cormack

Data and Monitoring Sub-Group lead

​Kōrero with Professor Dr David Tipene-Leach 

Kōrero with Dr Jade Tamatea,

Hospital Care Sub-Group lead

Kōrero with Dr Matire Harwood

Primary Care Sub-Group lead 

Additional videos

Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā co-leader Professor Papaarangi Reid also took part RNZ's series After the Virus.

Hosted by journalist and political commentator Guyon Espiner, Professor Reid appeared alongside Helen Clark and David Navarro to discuss Aotearoa's COVID-19 health response, as well as the responses delivered by other countries. 

You can view the full video here

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