COVID-19 Four-Alert Level Alert System

The situation with COVID-19 is changing every day.

The situation with COVID-19 is changing every day

The Government has established a four alert level system that provides guidance on what action should be taken against COVID-19.

At midday on Wednesday 12 August 2020, the greater Auckland region (Wellsford to Pukekohe) will be at Alert Level 3 for three days. 

At the same time, the rest of Aotearoa will be at Alert Level 2 for three days.

The Four-Alert Level System is available here.​

"COVID Alert-Levels” and “State of National Emergency”

The COVID Alert Levels and a State of National Emergency are two different things.

The COVID Alert Levels identify the range of actions that are being taken against COVID-19. There are 4 Alert Levels.​

 Aotearoa is not currently in a State of National Emergency. 

To make sure we share up-to-date advice and information on this website is updated regularly. 

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