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When COVID-19 was first present in Aotearoa, there were restrictions on accessing regular medication. However, most medication is now available on a regular basis. 

When COVID-19 was first present in Aotearoa, some people began stock-piling prescription medication. Due to this, PHARMAC placed restrictions on how often we could access prescription medication. 
In August 2020 PHARMAC removed restrictions on most medication. 



Most medicines were returned to "all-at-once" dispensing on 1 August 2020, but there are still some restrictions.


This means that if before 27 March 2020, you received your prescription medication all at once, your pharmacy should have returned to that same frequency.  


Medicines that were dispensed on a monthly basis before 27 March 2020 will continue to be dispensed monthly. 


You should not experiencing any issues with accessing your prescription medication in the same timeframe as you used to. 

Restrictions on prescription paracetamol

There is currently a supply shortage of paracetamol for pharmacy's across the world. This means that your chemist may have a shortage of paracetamol and may not be able to provide you with funded paracetamol as part of your prescription.


Supermarkets also sell paracetamol but as it is not funded, it will be more expensive.