"We are still operating under the fallacy that one size fits all.

A national programme, while necessary, will exacerbate health inequities.

While things are being done for the general population, they don't have an equity lens, which is essential from the beginning."


- Professor Papaarangi Reid

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Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā is made up of some of the nation’s leading Māori medical and health experts including Primary Care Specialists, Public Health experts, Public Health Physicians, Māori Nurses and iwi leaders.


Co - Leaders

Professor Dr Papaarangi Reid

Associate Professor Dr Sue Crengle

Dr Rawiri Jansen

Teresa Wall 

Hospital Care 

Dr Jade Tamatea

Associate Professor

Dr Matire Harwood

Dr Myra Ruka

Associate Professor

Dr Bev Lawton

Dr Alex Browne

Dr Anthony Jordan

Dr Amanda Gilbert

Dr Curtis Walker

Dr Diana McNeil


Dr Erik Anderson


Dr Frances Robbins


Joanne Hikaka


Dr Kasey Tawhara


Dr Kim Yates


Dr Max Ronald


Dr Oliver Menzies

Dr Dawn Adair

Dr Will Harrison

Dr John Mutu-Grigg

Dr Rachelle Love

Dr Sandra Hotu

Dr Greg Moke

Dr Nina Scott

Primary Health Care

Associate Professor Dr Sue Crengle


Dr Dougal Thorburn 

Associate Professor Dr Matire Harwood

Associate Professor Dr Bridget Robson 

Leanne Te Karu

Tammy Dehar

Selah Hart

Dr Julia Carr

Dr Maia Melbourne-Wilcox

Terina Moke


Dr Marise Stuart


Marama Tauranga


Teepa Wawatai


Joanne Hikaka


Rose Kahaki


Dr Stephen Palmer


Dr Rawiri Keenan 


Dr Tristram Ingham

Dr Jason Tuhoe

Gabrielle Para

Associate Professor Dr Elana Curtis

Professor Dr David Tipene-Leach


Data and Monitoring 

Dr Donna Cormack

Associate Professor Dr Ricci Harris 

Dr Melissa McLeod


Teresa Wall

Dr Rawiri Jansen 

Selah Hart

Dr Karen Wright

Tammy Dehar

Leanne Te Karu

Christine Kenney

Kaeden Watts

Nita Wi Repa

Denise Blake

Janelle Dymus

Nari Faiers

Maria Ngawati

We would like to thank the dedicated members of our rōpū, most of whom volunteer their time for this important kaupapa. 
We would also like to thank the efforts of the people and organisations listed below, who have graciously provided their time, resources, pūtea and operational support to Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā.
  • Te Puni Kōkiri

  • The Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand

  • Amber Moke

  • Te Rawhitiroa  Bosch

  • Te Amokura Productions 

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